BaliséOr: permanent orienteering course

Discover the art of orienteering on the BaliséOr permanent orienteering course in Les Rousses Fort.

To be practised in trainers in summer or snowshoes in winter, the course allows visitors to try out or perfect their orienteering skills and is open throughout the year in the magnificent and imposing setting of Les Rousses Fort. Suitable for both children and adults, 5 courses for different ability levels are on offer.

The innovative course is France's first permanent orienteering facility with an electronic timing system. Users of the course can have fun comparing their results as a family or with those of François Gonon, World Relay Orienteering Champion in 2011.

The BaliséOr orienteering courses (the distances correspond to the shortest path between the controls):
- Green course: very easy, 2 km, about 45 minutes
- Blue course: easy, 3.5 km, about 1hr
- Red course: hard, 4.5 km, about 1hr30
- Purple course, hard, 4.5km, about 1hr30
- Black course: very hard, 5,5 km, about 1hr45
+ FOR GROUPS: A special  "BALISE EXPRESS" course!

Find all information at the Les Rousses Tourist Office.

Ever completed a BaliséOr course?



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