La Serra Mountain

La Serra Mountain (1180m/1452m) in the commune of Lamoura is accessible from the gates/parking areas of La Serra and La Combe du Lac. 

This mountain will enchant you with its spruce-bounded slopes accessible to all skill levels and the whole family! 6 ski lifts (whether 1 chair lift and 1 cord lift) serving a total of 13 slopes, include a black slope enjoyed by experienced skiers. On the La Serra blue slope, you can try out a boardercross course accessible to all, with winding paths, raised turns, series of humps, hoops, and other jumps!

The La Serra site is also a starting point for Nordic skiing trails as well as snowshoe courses and footpaths that have been specially built. It also has a secure toboggan run and a heated picnic room.

You can ski La Serra mountain in France, with a Pass'Station pass.

Many services are available:
- a ski school
- restaurants, 
- tourist lodging, 
- a secure toboggan run,  
- an RV areahttp://www.lesrousses.com/fr/pratique/transports/camping-cars.html in the La Serra parking lot, 
- shops, ski rentals, 
- Skibus stops
- a heated picnic room,
- washrooms

Take the Skibus shuttles to the slopes from the resort's villages (free with the “Carte Rusée” and/or a valid ski pass).


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    • Liason Lamoura - Lac Lamoura
    • Les Auvergnes
    • Le Tour du Lac
    • Baladaski (Tour du Crêt Pela)
    • Le Boulu
    • Liaison Darbella/Serra
    • Le Massacre
    • Liaison GTJ Darbella / Carrefour du Massacre
    • Les Tuffes
    • Liaison La Fournière
    • La Dolarde
    • Les Logettes
    • Liaison La Frasse – Le Boulu
    • Sur la Roche
    • Le Risoux
    • La Pierre levée
    • Le Crêt des Sauges
    • Liaison Chalet Rose - Plan Pichon
    • Liaison Chalet de ministres - Croix du tronc
    • Liaison Orbe – Risoux
    • La Sambine
    • Le Cernois
    • Le Fer à cheval
    • Le Bois de Ban
    • Les Arobiers
    • Les Chevreuils
    • Liaison les Charrières
    • L'Orbe
    • Liaison GTJ Bois d'Amont/Les Rousses
    • Liaison GTJ Les Rousses/Darbella
    • Liaison GTJ Risoux/Bois d'Amont
    • La petite Laponie
    • Le Champ de Neige
    • Les Marais
    • L'Orbe
    • Le Lac des Rousses
    • Le Crêt des Landes
    • Liaison Grépillon
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