Commando Games Courses


Commando Games Courses

Warm up your muscles and test your physical and mental capacities. Only the strongest will be selected by their instructor to reach the assault tower!

Follow the instructions to ensure your safety and the safety of your platoon as you advance higher up.

Army Private 1st class Initiation (for the little ones)
Advance in the air and overcome your fear of heights young soldiers!

Army Private 2nd class Initiation (for the little ones)
Follow a course from tree to tree on your own – your adventure starts here!

The Assault Tower!
Erected in the centre of the base and 25-metre-high, this tour has 4 storeys! This is the starting point of the “expert”, “advanced” and “cohesion” courses, and is accessible from the ramparts thanks to nets!

Hold on tight! Your adventure starts here with nets, mazes, cobwebs, battle sights, jumps of 10 and 20 metres, zip lines!

Suspended between the assault tower and the fort’s ramparts, these two courses are 6 m above the ground, and consists of net tunnels, via ferrata, obstacle bridge, swinging planks, escalade, zip line, suspension bridge, Tarzan jumps, skateboard...


Go beyond your limits... you’ve got to toughen up soldier! 


Team Spirit, logic, perseverance and organisation are the essential qualities for the cohesion course and to get over the different obstacles positioned in the moats of the fort such as: balance, lift, tic-tac, floating islands, bascule bridge, carillons...