At Lake Les Rousses:

Area of Lake Les Rousses: 97 ha Depth: 22 m.

Many activities are offered at this Haut-Jura lake: 
- Man-made beach and swimming with lifeguard from 1 July to 31 August  everyday, from 1pm to 7pm.
- Picnic area
Watersports centre
-  "Le Chalet du Lac" restaurant
- Discovery trail featuring bog life
- Lawn bowls
- Instructional signs
- Public toilets
There is no charge for access.

Note that in order to preserve the peace and natural environment of the site:
- motor boats are not allowed
- some parts of the lake are protected, please obey the signs at the site
- pets, even if on leashes, and bikes are not permitted at the beaches, lawns, or footpath along the shores of the lake, from 01 may  to 01 october.
Thank you for your understanding. 

At Lake Lamoura:

Area of the lake: 4.4 ha. Depth: 7 m.

Lake Lamoura is ideal for lovers of nature and calm. Several activities and services are available:
- Swimming and beach with lifeguard from 01/07 to 31/08, everyday from 1pm to 7pm.
- A discovery trail featuring bogs and Haut-Jura geology allows you to go all the way around the lake. Renovated in 2015, it has a path designed for people with limited mobility.
- Games for children.
- A picnic area with grills.
- Public toilets
There is no charge for access.

Note that in order to preserve the peace and natural environment of the site:
- all boats, whether motorized or not, are prohibited
- some parts of the lake and its environs are closed to animals and bikes. Please obey the signs at the site. 
Thank you for your understanding. 


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