Hybrid and Electric Bikes

Anyone can enjoy biking without effort (using electric bikes) for a breezy ride at your own pace! 

Les Rousses Resort has selected 12 trails for you to discover its villages, lakes, and forests on hybrid and electric bikes. At your own pace and with little effort (if you opt for an electric bike), you can pedal along the paved and dirt roads of its four villages.   
Ask for the special hybrid and electric bike brochure on sale at the Resort's Tourist Office: A map, three routes per village with detailed descriptions, a selection for all tastes (from 20-minute, 3.5 km rides to 2.5-hour, 29 km tours).  

All of the GPS coordinates and trail descriptions are also downloadable via the OpenRunner site, by clicking on the routes listed below.
Consider downloading the files to your GPS to prepare for your outing!

Hybrid and electric biking trails departing from the village of Les Rousses: 

Trélarce, 23km, estimated duration 2 hours, upward distance of 645m.
Tour du village des Rousses, 10.3km, estimated duration 55 minutes, upward distance of 154m.
Tour du Fort et lac des Rousses, 9.4km, estimated duration 50 minutes, upward distance of 180m.   

Hybrid and electric biking trails departing from the village of
 Bois d’Amont :

Le Vivier du lac, 12.5km, estimated duration 1 hour, upward distance of 115m.
Du Risoux au lac, 28.5km, estimated duration 2 hours 30 minutes, upward distance of 700m.
Au cœur du Risoux, 18.5km, estimated duration 1 hour 30 minutes, upward distance of 300m. 

Hybrid and electric biking trails departing from the village of
 Lamoura :

La Chaux Berthod et les Eterpets, 6.7km, estimated duration 35 minutes, upward distance of 130m.
Lac de Lamoura, 3.5km, estimated duration 20 minutes, upward distance of 55m.
Combe du lac et Combe Arbey, 7.1km, estimated duration 35 minutes, upward distance of 150m.   

Hybrid and electric biking trails departing from the village of
 Prémanon :

Belvédère des Maquisards, 5.3km, estimated duration 35 minutes, upward distance of 160m.
Autour de la Sambine, 13km, estimated duration 1 hour 10 minutes, upward distance of 350m.
- Les Tuffes, 19km, durée estimée à 1h40, upward distance of 520m.


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