Cycling tourism (road bike)

Winding trails, breathtaking climbs and passes, and views of the Alps just off the bend in the trail are just some of the reasons to come see Haut-Jura on your road bike. 

Les Rousses Resort has selected for you the 10 most beautiful Franco-Swiss cycling trails departing from its 4 villages, routes for all levels, 20 to 112 km, lasting one to five-and-a-half hours, with level differences of 205 to 1850 m. 

You can also request detailed descriptive guides of the trails, on sale at the resort's Tourist Office.
All of the GPS coordinates and trail descriptions are also downloadable via the OpenRunner site, by clicking on the routes listed below. 
Consider downloading the files to your GPS to prepare for your outing!

Escapade en Grandvaux, 112km, estimated duration 5 hours 30 minutes, upward distance of 1850m, guide #1.
Tour de la Valserine, 102km, estimated duration 5 hours, upward distance of 1541m, guide #2.
Les cols Franco-Suisses, 100km, estimated duration 5 hours, upward distance of 1707m, guide #3.
Tour du lac de Joux, 44km, estimated duration 2 hours, upward distance of 325m, guide #4.
Tour Saint-Cergue La Faucille, 77km, estimated duration 3 hours 45 minutes, upward distance of 1529m, guide #5.
Lac de Lamoura et Valserine, 39km, estimated duration 2 hours, upward distance of 568m, guide #6.
Saint-Claude et Hautes-Combes, 80km, estimated duration 4 hours, upward distance of 1646m, guide #7.
Tour des 4 villages, 73km, estimated duration 3 hours 30 minutes, upward distance of 1111m, guide #8.
Tour du Lac des Rousses, 21km, estimated duration 1 hour, upward distance of 205m, guide #9.
Sur les traces du Tour, 65km, estimated duration 3 hours 15 minutes, upward distance of 1195m, guide #10.


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