Origin of Les Rousses Resort:

Les Rousses Resort contains a total population of 7115 people (the number of permanent residents in 2017). The four communes of Les Rousses, Bois d'Amont, Prémanon and Lamoura collectively manage the operations of the resort and the local tourism business.

- Late 1930s: The first ski lift at Les Rousses opens. Since this new industry was seen as an opportunity, some individuals began to operate lifts as a business. 
- In 1960: the department of Jura decided to lend support to these initiatives by creating a departmental authority to manage mechanical ski lifts. 
- In 1975: the impact of the Grenoble Olympics gradually led Les Rousses Resort to focus on cross-country skiing as well. A "Mixed Syndicate" including Bois d’Amont, Les Rousses, Prémanon, and Lamoura took over management and planning of cross-country skiing. With the development of tourism, it was apparent to all that a shared promotional tool was needed, which came in the form of the Les Rousses Resort Tourism Office. 
- In 1989: the commune of Les Rousses creates a Sport Club to be an association in charge of all sport tourism for the four communes. 
- In 1992: given the earnings and fragile financial status of each organisation, elected leaders followed the trend of decentralisation and created a Public Intercommunal Cooperation Establishment (EPCI): the Les Rousses Resort Community of Communes (CCSR). Its primary mission is the organisation and development of tourism. Through a management agreement, it puts the Sport Club and the Tourism Office in charge of managing its tourism resources.  
- Late 2001: the General Council of Jura becomes an equal partner with the Community of Communes within a new "Mixed Syndicate of Tourism Development for Les Rousses Resort", in charge of the alpine skiing investments. 
- In 2002: an SAEM (Mixed-Economy Corporation) was created, called the Les Rousses Resort Management Company (Sogestar), with the Community of Communes as an 80% shareholder. This company was assigned a government mandate to manage the ski lifts and cross-country and summer activities, and a government contract to fulfil the missions of the Tourism Office.

Video of the winter season opening... 6 December 1971:

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