The Jura Mountains

Like a comma curving around the French-Swiss border, the Jura Mountains offer their visitors a gentle spot away from the hurly-burly of major tourism sites. You'll come across hidden wilderness as diverse, majestic landscapes open up before you, and the calm of the mountains is present like nowhere else.

The Jura Mountains offer a varied mix of water, rock, forests, and valleys that seems to stretch on forever. Falls, lakes, rivers... The water here is constantly in motion. It shapes the rock, creating surprising contours and steep cliffs, which offer wondrous lookout points and conceal mysterious grottos. The endless forests in the most heavily wooded part of France create peaceful views and a natural environment that seems to stretch out forever.

In this landscape of wonders, you can let your desires run free: Canyoneering, via ferrata, swimming, paragliding, fishing, and more.

Not to mention even more uncommon experiences to tantalise your emotions: Husky dog hiking, caravanning, or living in a Mongolian yurt or a Native American teepee, to name a few.

In the winter, the snow covers the slopes and plateaus to offer one of the largest Nordic skiing areas in Europe, made up of listed ski stations, village stations, and more, for skating, slaloming between pines, snowshoeing, or cruising down the slopes!

Regional specialities that fit in your backpack will make your food breaks a real delight and fill your stay with a thousand flavours: Cheeses, wines, salted meats, and other specialities are plentiful and are products of traditional local knowledge.

Bet you can't resist!

Here, exploration and finding oneself go hand-in-hand. Encounters with our people and landscapes provide an experience rich in sensations, surprises, and feelings, with many stories to tell.

A total getaway in wide-open spaces awaits you.


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