ISO certifications and standards

"Flocon Vert" Certification

The 31 criteria for the 'Flocon Vert' (Green Snowflake) certification awarded to Les Rousses Resort are validated by three key actions which demonstrate the resort's pioneering and committed sustainable development policy.
More info at http://www.flocon-vert.org/projects/lesrousses/ 

ISO 14001 certification

After obtaining ISO 9001 certification in the spring of 2006, the Les Rousses Resort management company is now also ISO 14001 certified. Les Rousses Resort made the decision to undertake the certification process as part of its commitment to protecting its natural heritage and welcoming visitors to an unspoilt environment.

A brief explanation of standard ISO 14001 and the benefits of certification:
ISO 14001 is an internationally accepted standard (162 countries) based on a principle of continually improving environmental performance by controlling the environmental impact of a company's business activity.
Companies undertake a double commitment to constantly improve performance while complying with any applicable legislation.
The standard provides a framework for developing an environmental management system, ensuring its traceability and giving it credibility through certification from an accredited external body.
Only 25% of ski area management companies have been certified to date (Domaine Skiable de France Data).

ISO 14001 certification provides the following benefits:
It does not mean that the company has a perfect environmental record but that it has implemented a corporate environmental management system in order to limit its impact, to deal with problematic issues and to continually improve its performance (it does not mean we are an "organic" ski resort).

Please contact our Quality/Environment Manager, Ronan Cailleaud, for more information. E-mail: r.cailleaud@sogestar.com.


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